Motorsports Events resumes from 29 March

Motorsport UK has been permitted to resume events by the respective Governments and under the "Getting Back on Track" guidance.

It is imperative that all participants adhere to both Motorsport UK and Government guidance so that we can continue to run Events.

Beech Trees Trial, 21st Novevember
map ref: 181/970384

Slowley Trial, 12th December
map ref: 181/998381 nearest post code TA23 0SB


The Minehead Motor Club was formed in the early 1960's to further motorsport, and today is organising various events for the enjoyment of motorsport enthusiasts. The club is located in West Somerset, and consists of about 90 members of all ages.

We are recognised by the Motor Sports Association, the Auto Cycle Union and are a member club of the Association of South-Western Motor Clubs (ASWMC), and the Association of Classic Trials Clubs (ACTC).

Events include The Somerset Seekers Targa Rally jointly organised with Burnham-on-Sea Motor Club. The Exmoor Clouds Classic Trial, and The Classic Tour of Exmoor, Spring and Autunm Tours and the Lyn Valley Tour. We also run Car Trials and Autotests.

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Membership of Minehead Motor Club Ltd runs from 1st Jan until 31st Dec and only costs £12 per member and £3 for each additional member living at the same address


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